Terms & Conditions of Entry


It is a Condition of Entry that NO B.Y.O Food, Drinks or Alcohol is brought into this premises. This condition is a Health and Safety Requirement of our Food License and a Legal Requirement of our Alcohol Licence. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation with this matter.

Since 2010, Lismore Tenpin Bowl has had a strict No Outside Food or Drink Policy. Today (2018) Lismore Tenpin Bowl continues to battle this policy with a minority of its patrons. We are happy to report that most patrons who enjoy the entertainment facilities that our business provides respect this policy and our quest for a prosperous business.

Alcohol Licenced Venue:

With the approval of an alcohol licence in 2011, it was made even more prominent that this policy needed to be adhered to.

No Outside Alcohol is be consumed in the centre.

Should a patron bring in a Packed Lunch, a Take-Away Coffee Cup, a Drink purchased at another venue or any other food or drink items, you will be asked to either:
1) Please finish the consumption of your item outside and dispose of the rubbish into the bin provided.
2) Please take what you have back to the car.
3) Please consume your food outside on the veranda, grassed area or in the car park.

Lismore Tenpin Bowl prides itself in providing a clean, well maintained and well respected entertainment venue. We do not want to discourage your attendance at this centre by asking you to take your food or drinks outside and in doing so, offending you. This is not our intention. Your custom to our centre is very important to us.

Most Frequent Responses:

R: You just want us to eat your food.
A: YES, this is a correct statement.

Lismore Tenpin Bowl employs 6 casual staff members to service the Snack Bar & carryout General Cleaning and Customer Service duties. Therefore, the Snack Bar is required to cover their wages.

R: I don’t want to eat your food.

A: We are not forcing you to eat the food from the Snack Bar, we are simply asking you to refrain from consuming food or drinks from other sources. If you eat before you come, bring in a water bottle for while you play, and then eat at your next venue, there is no need for the consumption other food.

R: We have food allergies.

A: The Snack Bar Menu, although limited, has Vegetarian and Gluten Free options. Should you require a more scheduled and strict nutritional diet prior approval may be given, under very controlled circumstances.

R: It’s my Birthday!

A: Those patrons holding 1 of our 4 Children’s Birthday Party Packages are entitled to bring in a Birthday Cake, Party Bags & a Fruit Platter as the parties healthy food option. Vegetarian and Gluten Free substitutes are provided in the Birthday Party Food Packages.

Those patrons with a general booking celebrating a Birthday will have approval for the consumption of their Cake in the centre.

R: It’s just Water
A: Personal water bottles will always be accepted in the centre. However, if the bottle is filled with juice or other substances, this will not be acceptable.

We thank you for your understanding and co-operation of this Policy and we apologise for any inconvenience it may cause.

Thank you, Centre Management & Staff.

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